Trade Secrets – The Mussel Inn’s young and frisky brew

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A trade secret’. In other words, some info on our favourite stockists and suppliers. 

If you’ve been to Golden Bay, it’s likely you’ve been to famous hangout, the Mussel Inn. Their boutique brewery produces beer and cider with a distinct taste that’s the next best thing to trip to the Bay.

Sam Lean Lamb 

Sam’s drinking their Lean Lamb, made in the old Belgium lambic style this sour ale is young and frisky – a hit for Spring.


Sam restaurants Wellington mussel inn


There other products include the famous Captain Cooker, Golden Goose Lager, The Dark Horse Ale, Lawn Moa Lager and Apple Roughy Cider.

The Mussel Inn
RD 2
Phone and Fax – after 11am only (03) 5259241 (you will probably get a staff member)




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